Shopping Taiwan

The section aims to introducing the shopping sites in Taiwan. Among these areas, the capital, Taipei, contains some of the best shopping places anywhere, satisfying the shopping habits of all consumer groups.

Taipei Ximenting (Ximending)

taipei imageThe name of Ximenting (Ximending) came from the period of Japanese colonization. At that time most local residents live within Taipei City. Ximenting (Ximending) is the center for recreation. In 1896, the first theater "Tokyo Stand" was set up. In 1922, the place was officially called Ximenting (Ximending).

In early years, the main business activity in Ximenting (Ximending) was the cinema theater. At that time, most cinema theaters are on the Emei Street, Chengdu Road and Xining S. Road. After the central government of R.O.C. was reinstated in Taiwan in 1949, a large fund was poured into Ximenting (Ximending). Other than cinema theaters, there were department stores and other entertainment attractions. After the completion of Zhonghua Business Buildings, Ximenting (Ximending) became the largest business and entertainment center in the country.

In 1990s, the business and entertainment activities of Taipei gradually shifted to the East District. Later, Zhonghua Business Buildings were torn down for the road construction. Ximenting (Ximending) became less popular for a while. Then, MRT Bannan Line was completed. Zhonghua Road since then has been converted to be a prosperous main street under the planning of Taipei City Government. Furthermore, there are many emerging squares and activity locations. People gather here for art, culture events or sports, music performances during weekends or holidays. The business opportunities and people are coming back to Ximenting (Ximending).

Ximenting (Ximending) not only is a witness to the history of Taiwan, but also a leader of fashion for the new generation. Many middle age or senior people with nostalgia come here to reminisce. The young people come here for fashion. Two totally different life styles meet here. Ximenting (Ximending) fulfills the needs of different groups of people.

Taipei Zhongxiao -Dunhua Shopping Area

taipei image2The area around the intersection of Zhongxiao and Dunhua South roads has become a major shopping area in Taipei's east district thanks to its convenient location.

High-end boutiques are packed along Dunhua South Road between Xinyi and Zhongxiao East roads, presenting a tempting array of brand clothes, jewelry, shoes and leather items. The section between SOGO department store and The Taipei Metro Mall is especially a good place for the fashionably acquisitive, with Cartier, Louis Vuitton, DKNY and other top brand boutiques to choose from.

Taipei Xinyi Planning District

taipei image3The Xinyi Planning District is the newest trend-setting commercial district in Taipei, embracing dozens of fashionable malls, restaurants and hotels between Xinyi Road sections 4 and 5. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store's New Life Square and A4 branches, Novel Hall for Performing Arts, View Show Cinemas, Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel, and Taipei 101 are just a few of the many places where you can satisfy your consumer cravings.

By day, the Xinyi Planning District bustles with the fast-paced energy of business as Taipei's commercial and financial center. At night, the skyscrapers come alight with eye-catching displays of LED lights, setting the mood for evening fun.

During weekend, Xinyi Planning District transforms again as outdoor stages and squares come alive with concerts, dance performances, record release events, and celebrity appearances, this the place where you can experience the youthful energy of Taipei.


Taipei Jingming 1st Stree

taipei image4Jingming 1st Street is the official pedestrian-only street in Taichung. Along the street are boutique shops, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries. There are outdoor concerts or exhibition on holidays. The street combines the functions of shopping, recreation and art. No vehicles are allowed to enter the street and coffee shops provide many outdoor seats. The street was elected as the model street in 1995 and it has become a tourist attraction in Taichung.

In a hectic daily life, Jingming 1st Street provides an artistic and recreational space for city dwellers. Sit on an outdoor seat and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. The street presents an atmosphere just like the Champs Elysee in Paris.

Jingming 1st Street is a 100-meter-long pedestrian street with varieties of shops and cafes, also known as the "Taichung Commercial Center Pedestrian Area." The street is known for its boutiques, tea and coffee shops, European-style restaurants, and art galleries Taichung residents can relax here over a cup of coffee at outdoor cafe tables. The street also hosts outdoor music and arts performances during weekends and holiday.

Taipei Donghai Art Street


taipei image5This art street is close to Donghai University and has created a utopian community for art lovers. The area showcases postmodern stores and coffee shops which smack of individual color and taste. Truly a place to experience a bohemian lifestyle!

Taipei New Juejiang Commercial Area

taipei image6Innovative management and independent shops find a home at Kaohsiung's New Juejiang shopping area.

Learning from the past success of the "Old Juejiang" shopping area, the New Juejiang shopping area is centered on a popular consumer magnet, the Datong Department Store at the intersection of Wufu 2nd Road and Renzhi Street. It is also right next to the Mercuries Department Store and the Oscar Cinema on Lane 167 of Wenheng 2nd Road. New Juejiang has learned a lesson from its previous mistake, replacing a traditional business style with a new management approach.

Young people, new fashion, recreation, shopping and dining all get together at New Juejiang, which is rapidly attracting in new businesses to become Kaohsiung's biggest shopping destination. Cinemas, trendy clothes, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, and beauty salons mingle with cafes, American and Japanese fast food restaurants, and all types of stalls to provide a something for everyone. New Juejiang is the place to go in the southern Taiwan for imported goods and chic attire, much of it arriving in step with debuts in the fashion capitals of the world.

Taipei Sanduo Commercial Area


taipei image7The Sanduo area has gained its popularity as a top shopping destination in Kaohsiung in the recent years. Anchor stores here include the Shin Kong (Xinguang) Mitsukoshi Department Store, SOGO, and Mega'21 Far Eastern Shopping Complex. There are also a number of clothing boutiques and small shops, including Japanese merchandise retailers Poya and A+1, and other shops selling discount cosmetics, handbags, and daily goods. Items at these shops are generally 20% to 50% cheaper than similar items at department store boutiques, making them a magnet for young shoppers. Sanduo has also benefited from its proximity to the traditional market on Linsen Road.

Sanduo Shopping District is adjacent to the Sanduo and Zhongshan Road traffic circles near the high-rise core in Kaohsiung. To the south it links with the Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza, the 85-floor Tuntex Sky Tower, and a multifunctional economic and trade area being promoted by the Kaohsiung City Government. An MRT station will soon open in this area making it even easier to reach.